Ailing Puica’s days of toil are over


An old Romanian working donkey called Puica faces a much brighter future after an online plea resulted in her being rehomed to a sanctuary.

Puica was in what the British charity, The Donkey Sanctuary, described as a pitiful state.

She was still having to work in Bucharest despite an injured leg.

The charity said a concerned member of the public took a video of the donkey and posted it online, together with a plea for help as she was unable to do anything by herself.


The Donkey Sanctuary said it appeared the animal was in pain and struggling to pull a heavy cart.

The owner used Puica to pull a cart he used to collect iron. Puica was also used to bring the cows to and from pasture, meaning a long day’s work.

The charity said the owner of Puica was sucessfully located.

“We are delighted that in this case we have been able to give Puica the happy ending that she deserves,” it reported.

It said staff from a local organisation convinced the owner to surrender Puica, who then went to a shelter in Cernavoda for emergency treatment and sanctuary.

She arrived there last month and is settling in well.

Since 2007, The Donkey Sanctuary has been working with charity, Save the Dogs and Other Animals, to provide sanctuary to mistreated and rescued donkeys in Romania.

The project began after the economic climate and increased hay prices led to an alarming rise in the number of donkeys being abandoned. Three large barns to house 60 rescued donkeys have been built at Save The Dogs’ Cernavoda base.

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