Horse dung to be processed for home heating


dung-manure-foleyA plan to process horse manure into fuel to warm homes is part of the 100-page programme released by Finland’s new coalition government.

The six-party government, formed following the April 17 parliamentary elections, has released a raft of plans for the coming electoral term, including harnessing the energy contained in horse dung as a major fuel source for home heating.

It is estimated that the energy in the annual manure output of three horses had the potential to heat a family home.

The processed fuel would likely combine the wood-based shavings supplied for use on many stable floors with the dung, to produce a suitable biofuel.

The new fuel not only has the potential to warm houses, but would also deal with the growing problem of disposing of horse manure in an environmentally friendly way.

Finland is clamping down next year on the disposal of biodegradable materials at dumps. The use of the manure as fertiliser also carries restraints, due to concerns about nutrients leaching into waterways.

The developers see export processing potential for the technology, with nearly 7 million horses living across Europe, and EU nations generally imposing tighter waste controls aimed at protecting the environment.

One thought on “Horse dung to be processed for home heating

  • July 7, 2015 at 10:49 am

    just composting it can get u 110* – enough for hydronic floor heating add stratifying water storage tank – create thermoconvection/conduction


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