Bosnian war-vets turned bikers ride for wild horses

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A film about a biker club comprising Bosnia war veterans defending a herd of wild horses has just a few days to reach its crowdfunding target for assistance for post-production costs.

Wild horses in the mountains of Livno, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Wild horses in the mountains of Livno, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The documentary Among Wolves has until the end of the month to reach its target of $33,500, and at the time of writing was at $15,099.

The film tells the true story of war veterans turned biker club who dedicate themselves to humanitarian actions and an unlikely pledge to defend a herd of wild horses in the mountains of Livno, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The film, if successfully funded, will be released to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the end of the brutal Bosnian War, which the Wolves motorcycle club would like to help their community recover from and move beyond, if not forget. Unlike most postwar films from the region, Among Wolves shows how a few compassionate and determined individuals can make a difference in changing the attitudes and fortunes of those around them.

Among Wolves is so close to being in theaters. With the generous help of friends, family, and fans of the story, we have overcome most of the challenges. Thank you. It wasn’t easy,” says Shawn Convey, director and producer of the documentary.

quotezeljkoNo state in the world needs veterans.

As soon as the war ends they don’t need you anymore.”

– Zeljko  

“The film is almost ready and it’s time for the polish. Though most of the team has been working free for years, we need to pay the people that get it ready for the big screen. That means post-production, color correction, sound, etc. It’s not cheap, but with your help we can make this the gorgeous, immersive, and cinematic film we’ve always wanted to show the world.”

Beneath the muscle, machismo and machinery, Among Wolves is a story about war veterans, trauma, camaraderie, and healing through caring for fellow man and nature. The Kickstarter campaign for Among Wolves runs until the very early morning of June 1, 2015.

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