Niklas Bschorer’s spectacular Badminton save


German eventer Niklas Bschorer certainly had a life on the famous Badminton course at the weekend.

The above images, captured by photographer Mike Bain, show the 20-year-old showing some pretty impressive stickability after Tom Tom Go 3 left a leg behind while getting out of The Lake, the 12th obstacle.

Niklas had been in third place after the first day of dressage, with an impressive 42.1 penalties, but dropped to eighth after the second day on Friday.

Unfortunately, his hopes of completing Badminton were ruined after the above mishap, when his vest inflated during the skirmish and he later retired on the cross-country.

Niklas is based in Wiltshire and is coached by his father, Dr Wolfgang Bschorer, who rode up to advanced level dressage before becoming a veterinarian. Niklas’s mother, Elke, is also a former dressage rider and a veterinarian.

Hangin' in there: Niklas Bschorer manages to stay on Tom Tom Go 3.
Hangin’ in there: Niklas Bschorer manages to stay on Tom Tom Go 3. © Mike Bain

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