Czech team cruises to victory in Austria’s Nations Cup leg

Emma Augier de Moussac and Charly Brown led the Czech team to victory in the latest Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping Europe Division 2 leg  in Austria on Friday.
Emma Augier de Moussac and Charly Brown led the Czech team to victory in the latest Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping Europe Division 2 leg in Austria on Friday. © Herve Bonnaud

A crack foursome from the Czech Republic took the lead at the halfway stage and held on to secure a convincing victory in the opening leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Jumping 2015 Europe Division 2 League at Linz in Austria on Friday.  

Zuzana Zelinkova, Emma Augier de Moussac, Ondrej Zvara and Ales Opatrny finished on a final tally of just two faults to leave them well ahead of the runners-up from Ukraine who completed with eight. Team Germany lined up third ahead of Poland in fourth, while the exciting young side from Luxembourg slotted into fifth ahead of Finland in sixth place.

Emma Augier de Moussac and Charly Brown.
Emma Augier de Moussac and Charly Brown. © Herve Bonnaud

The was great joy in the Czech camp in the aftermath, and a sense that they have really arrived. Success in Europe Division 2 of the Furusiyya series is not entirely new to them as they also came out on top in Budapest, Hungary last season. But this latest result, which earned them the maximum 100 points towards qualification for the Furusiyya 2015 Final, suggests a significant strengthening of their position, backed up by a brilliant performance from their second-line partnership of 23-year-old Augier de Moussac and her 10-year-old gelding, Charly Brown, who produced the only double-clear of the competition.


Franz Madl’s 12-fence track was pitched at just the right level, with less-experienced riders  gaining valuable experience while the more seasoned campaigners were still well-tested. A double – vertical to oxer – preceded the big 4-metre-wide open water which claimed a large number of victims in both rounds and that was followed off a wide right-handed sweeping turn to a 1.60m wall that represented the Austrian national flag and crest. The early drama of the day included a spectacular display of naughtiness from Finland’s path-finding 11-year-old grey, Lennox Luis, who threw a temper tantrum when asked to turn away from the out-gate and go down to the wall, and who wasn’t satisfied until he threw himself on the ground and unseated his rider, Henri Kovacs.



Lennox Luis made amends in the second round, jumping clear and collecting just a single time-fault. This boosted Finnish morale, but despite a much-improved second effort they would only succeed in moving up two places, from eighth to sixth. The Turkish team carried 14 faults into the second round and didn’t improve from seventh spot when hampered by elimination for their opening rider Derin Demirsoy who parted company with his 12-year-old Holsteiner, Colino, after a mistake at fence five.

Luxembourg carried 12 faults after impressive four-fault efforts from Christian Weier (Global) Victor Bettendorf (Sorbier Blanc) and Noemie Goergen (Smint 2), and, adding only nine more they moved up one place to finish fifth. But the real battle was played out between the Ukrainians who carried eight into round two, the Germans, Poles and Hungarians carrying just four faults each and the Czechs out in front on a zero score.


Hungarian chances were dashed by the addition of 28 to see them plummet down the order, and Poland moved on to a 16-fault scoreline. Jorne Sprehe’s clear with Luna, that included a breath-taking leap over the water, ensured Germany had to add only nine to their tally, but three clears from the Ukraine pinned the Germans back to third spot, Katharina Offel (Quebracho Semilly), Cassio Rivetti (Forlap) and Rene Tebbel (Cooper 75) never putting a foot wrong.

The Czechs had it in the bag after third-line rider, Zvara, returned with five faults when his grey stallion, Cento Lano, hit the oxer at fence six and was a little late through the timers. Zusana Zelinkova and her fabulous and flashy stallion Caleri ll, whose only mistake first time out was at the wall, returned with just a single time penalty and when Augier de Moussac posted a second clear then Zvara’s error only moved their running total onto an unbeatable six faults. So when Ales Opatrny and Acovardo set off it was cosmetic, his single time fault in another brilliant tour of the track negating Zvara’s five and increasing the winning margin by a full six faults.

“We have great team spirit, we support each other a lot” said Augier de Moussac who competed on last year’s winning Czech team at Budapest and at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy with her other top ride, Danthe. “Charly Brown is a new horse for me, my sister broke her wrist last year and he was only jumping up to 1.35m until last summer with her. He’s come a long way in a very short time,” explained the talented French-born rider who has been based with her trainer, Vincent Voorn, in Eindhoven, Holland for the last 18 months.




On May 15, France hosts the second round of Europe Division 1 at La Baule, and the second leg of Europe Division 2 will be held at Odense in Denmark.

The winning Czech Republic team, from left:,  Ales Opatrny, Emma Augier de Moussac, Chef d’Equipe Martin Ohnheiser, Zuzana Zelinkova and Ondrej Zvara.
The winning Czech Republic team, from left:, Ales Opatrny, Emma Augier de Moussac, Chef d’Equipe Martin Ohnheiser, Zuzana Zelinkova and Ondrej Zvara. © FEI/Herve Bonnaud


  1. Czech Republic 2 faults: Caleri ll (Zuzanna Zelinkova) 4/1, Charly Brown (Emma Augier de Moussac) 0/0, Cento Lano (Ondrej Zvara) 0/5, Acovardo (Ales Opatrny) 0/1. 
  2. Ukraine 8 faults: Quebracho Semilly (Katharina Offel) 4/0, Forlap (Cassio Rivetti) 5/0, Chadino (Ferenc Sxzentirmai) 0/4, Cooper 75 (Rene Tebbel) 4/0.
  3. Germany 13 faults:  Che Guevara (Joerg Oppermann) 4/8, Luna (Jorne Sprehe) 4/0, La Luna (Andreas Kreuzer) 0/4, Cashmoaker (Denis Nielsen) 0/5.
  4. Poland 16 faults: Wavantos vd Renvillehoeve (Lukasz Wasilewski) 4/9, Osadkowski van Halen (Piotr Morsztyn) 0/4, Emperio van’t Roosakker (Zuzanna Gowin) 0/8, Abigej (Marek Lewicki) 16/0.
  5. Luxembourg 21 faults: Global (Christian Weier) 4/1, Sorbier Blanc (Victor Bettendorf) 4/4, Smint 2 (Noemle Goergen) 4/13, Kiwi du Gibet (Charlotte Bettendorf) 8/4.
  6. Finland 23 faults: Lennox Luis (Henri Kovacs) Elim/1, Cue Channa (Sebastian Numminen) 4/4, Celestine (Satu Liukkonen) 8/1, Vincente (Maiji Mallet) 5/4.
  7. Turkey 27 faults: Colino (Derin Demirsoy) 5/Elim, Chaccomo (Cagri Basel) 1/5, Chiara (Husnu Dinc) 8/4, Dadjak ter Puttenen) Omer Karaevli) 8/4.
  8. Hungary 32 faults: Esprit (Emil Orban) 0/12, Zordon (Balazs Horvath) 0/8, Chacco Boy (Mariann Hugyecz) 4/8, Casinger (Gyula Szuhai) Ret/23.






Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup 2015 Europe Division 2 Standings (after Round 1 at Linz, Austria): 

  1.  Czech Republic             –        100
  2.  Ukraine                –          90
  3.  Finland                –          70
  4.  Turkey                    –          60
  5.  Hungary                –          55
  6.  Austria                    –          50
  7.  Slovakia                –          45
  8.  Russia                    –          40
  9.  Bulgaria                –          35


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