Spotlight on OTTBs at USA’s biggest three-day-event

US rider Lisa Barry with FIS Prince Charming, a New Zealand bred thoroughbred developed by Kiwi eventer Donna Smith. © Shannon Brinkman/Lisa Barry

The success of the thoroughbred in high level eventing is indisputable, and this year the breed and their riders will be recognised at this week’s Rolex Kentucky Three-Day-Event.

An award will be made by The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) to the highest placing Thoroughbred at the RK3DE, the only four-star horse trials competition in the US. It is the fourth year in a row the award has been presented.

Andromaque and Will Faudree (USA).
Andromaque and Will Faudree. © Mike Bain

Racehorse retraining and adoption program New Vocations is hosting a special event, “Thoroughbreds For All” which will include a presentation by the TIP  to recognize and award the riders who will be competing at Rolex on registered Thoroughbreds. The remainder of the evening will consist of educational and entertaining sessions about selecting and working with off-track Thoroughbreds (OTTBs) in addition to a delicious Southern meal.

Other presenters include international high-performance dressage rider, trainer, coach and clinician Reese Koffler-Stanfield; world-class colt trainer and winner of both the 2014 Kentucky Reining Cup and the 2014 All-American Quarter Horse Congress Freestyle Reining Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship; and Laine Ashker, a four-time competitor at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.

New Vocations Program Director Anna Ford said the charity was thrilled to host the event that showcase the Thoroughbreds in its program,  “but also promotes the retraining of these athletes into a variety of new careers.”

“New Vocations is thrilled to once again host this wonderful event that not only showcases the Thoroughbreds in our program but also promotes the retraining of these athletes into a variety of new careers,” Ford said. “We have a great evening planned with a diverse group of highly qualified riders who want to share their knowledge of working with Thoroughbreds.”

Retired Racehorse Project President Steuart Pittman said the most exciting thing about the RK3DE for Thoroughbred lovers is that horses bred to race compete and win against horses bred for eventing.

“Bringing the riders of these horses together with their fans and The Jockey Club is a great way to recognize their achievement. We truly do have the stars lined up for this year’s event,” he said.

William Fox-Pitt and Parklane Hawk after their Burghley win earlier this year.
William Fox-Pitt and 2012 RK3DE winner Parklane Hawk. © Mike Bain

Last year’s event drew more than 600 people from more than 20 states. This year’s event aims to draw an even larger crowd. Sponsored by AmWest Entertainment, Gulfstream Park Thoroughbred After-Care Program and Wild Aire Farm, the evening festivities start at 5pm on Friday, April 24, in the covered arena at the New Vocations Facility at West Wind Farm, 4787 Haley Rd., Lexington, KY  40516.

All sessions will be moderated by Steuart Pittman and Anna Ford. The event will take place just 15 miles from the Kentucky Horse Park. Tickets are limited to 600 and are available online.

Proceeds from the event will benefit New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program and Retired Racehorse Project. Both are 501(c) 3 charitable organizations.

New Vocations was founded in 1992 has become the largest racehorse adoption program in the US, with facilities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. The program’s mission is to rehab, retrain and rehome retired racehorses. In 2014, the program took in more than 450 retired racehorses. Working directly with owners and trainers who need aftercare for horses leaving the track, the program currently receives horses from more than 30 racetracks.

New Vocations has a sound adoption system that is proven to move a large number of horses in a relatively short period of time. The program focuses on adoption rather than retirement, believing that each horse deserves to have an individual home and purpose.

Retired Racehorse Project works to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them in the marketplace and inspiring an army of equestrians to provide the training that secures their futures. Its Thoroughbred Makeover at the Kentucky Horse Park on October 23-25 will feature 300 horses being trained for up to nine months in 10 disciplines competing for a projected $100,000 in cash and prizes.


Full list of Thoroughbreds entered at Rolex this year:

List courtesy of the Retired Racehorse Project includes OTTBs as well as pure, unraced Thoroughbreds.

Anthony Patch (Lainey Ashker/rider)      USA
Alex’s Castledream (NJ), 1999 gelding, by Castle Guard, out of Aimee Alexis by Right Mind
Race Record: 10 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 0 show, $815 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 2 CCI4* – 4 CCI3* – 4 CIC3* – 20 Advanced HT
20th 2011 Rolex CCI4*; 14th 2010 Rolex CCI4*

AP Prime (Leah Lang-Gluscic/CML Horses LLC)      USA
A. P. Prime (KY), 2005 gelding, by Aptitude, out of Czarina Kate by The Prime Minister
Race Record: 31 starts – 2 wins – 4 place – 5 show, $20,175 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4*– 2 CCI3* – 1 CIC3* – 5 Advanced HT

Coal Creek (Ellizabeth Snow/rider)      CAN
Frank J (WA), 1999 gelding, by Devil on Ice, out of Hard to Fathom by Search for Gold
Race Record: 7 starts – 1 win – 0 place – 1 show, $3,628 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4* – 4 CCI3*– 7 CIC3* – 15 Advanced HT

Collection Pass (Kate Chadderton/Rege Dvorsky)     AUS
Collection Pass (PA), 2002 gelding, by Collection Agent, out of Winged Passage by Assault Landing
Race Record: 6 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 0 show, $0 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4*– 1 CCI3* – 4 CIC3* – 7 Advanced HT

Donner (Lynn Symansky/rider)     USA
Smart Gorky (NY), 2003 gelding, by Gorky Park (FR), out of Smart Jane by Smarten
Race Record: 6 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 0 show, $2,870 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 3 CCI4* – 1 CCI3* – 6 CIC3* – 7 Advanced HT – 5th 2013 Rolex CCI4*

FIS Prince Charming (Lisa Barry) USA
Waitui Jo (NZ), 2003 gelding, by His Royal Highness (NZ), out of Mystic (NZ)
Race Record: 9 starts – 0 win – 0 place – $0 earnings

Fly Me Courageous (Sara Kozumplik Murphy/Debbie Foote)  USA
Truly Improper (TX), 2005 gelding, by Truluck, out of Proper Eight by Proper Reality
Race Record: 10 starts – 0 win – 1 place – 0 show, $3,630 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4* – 1 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 2 Advanced HT

Gleaming Road (Anna Collier/rider)     USA
Pistol Pakin Pete (WA), 2003 gelding, by Cahill Road, out of Aspiring Proof by Proof
Race Record: 22 starts – 3 wins – 3 place – 3 show, $19,383 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4* – 1 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 4 Advanced HT

Houdini (Katie Frei/rider)     USA
Rocky Times (WV), 2004 gelding, by Hot Rock, out of Nancy’s Star by Big Sal
Race Record: 5 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 1 show, $1,180 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 1 CCI4*– 1 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 8 Advanced HT – 34th 2014 Rolex CCI4*

Imperial Melody (Cody Sturgess/rider)    CAN
Imperial Melody (ON), 2003 mare, by My Imperial Slew, out of Golden Melody by Geiger Counter
Race Record: 1 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 1 show, $550 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4* – 1 CCI3* – 5 CIC3* – 2 Advanced HT

Irish Rhythm (Rachel McDonough/rider)      CAN
Daniel Alexander (ON), 1999 gelding, by Vice Chancellor, out of Dawnsari by Dawn Flight
Race Record:  43 starts – 1 win – 3 place – 4 show, $25,923 earnings
Competition Record: 1 CCI4* – 2 CCI3*– 3 CIC3* – 1 Advanced HT – 25th 2014 Rolex CCI4*

Madison Park (Kyle Carter/rider & Jennifer Carter)     CAN
Magic Retribution (WA), 1998 gelding, by Monaco Magic, out of Mistress of Mine by Band Practice
Race Record: 11starts  – 1 win – 0 place – 0 show, $2,744 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 5 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 14 CIC3* – 13 Advanced HT
13th 2010 Rolex CCI4*; 33rd 2009 Rolex CCI4*; 18th 2008 Rolex CCI4*

Parker (James Alliston/rider)           GBR
Eastside Park (NJ), 2002 gelding, by Marquetry, out of Hello Mom by Caveat 
Race Record:  15 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 3 show, $8,145 earnings
USEA Competition Record:  3 CCI4* – 4 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 11 Advanced HT (322 Lifetime USEA Points)
22nd 2014 Rolex CCI4*, 14th 2013 Rolex CCI4*, 14th 2011 Rolex CCI4*

Pirate (Meghan O’Donoghue/rider)      USA
Pirate’s Gold Star (IL), 2002 gelding, by Pirate Stronghold, out of Stars Heir by Risen Star
Race Record: 10 starts – 1 win – 0 place – 2 show, $3,840 earnings
USEA Competition Record:2 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 6 CIC3* – 10 Advanced HT
17th 2014 Rolex CCI4*; 12th 2013 Rolex CCI4*

Relentless Pursuit (Dana Widstrand/rider)        USA
Super Rover (IL), 1996 gelding, by A Lee Rover, out of Sumptious Gal by Super Hit
Race Record:  3 starts – 3 wins – 0 place – 0 show, $13,201 earnings
USEA Competition Record:  0 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 4 CIC3* – 11 Advanced HT

Rise Against (Bunnie Sexton/rider)             USA
Trabuco Kid (CA), 1999 gelding, by Far Out East, out of April Betty by Distant Land
Race Record:  4 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 0 show, $0 earnings
USEA Competition Record:  0 CCI 4*– 2 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 9 Advanced HT

Shiraz (Colleen Rutledge/rider)             USA
Bold and Burley (FL), 1998 gelding, by Gallapiat, out of Bold Blossom by Fountain of Gold
Race Record:  14 starts – 2 wins – 0 place – 1 show, $10,862 earnings
Competition Record:  5 CCI4*– 2 CCI3*– 9 CIC3*– 16 Advanced HT – 12th 2011 Rolex CCI4*

Simply Priceless (Elisa Wallace/Jill Hopcroft)     USA
Kalinga Damo (AUS), 2001 gelding, by Waterford Road, out of Faux Franc (AUS) by Twig Moss (FR)
Race Record: 10 starts – 0 win  – 0 show – 1 place, $711 earnings
Competition Record:  0 CCI4* – 1 CCI3* – 2 CIC3* – 7 Advanced HT

Sound Prospect (Alexandra Knowles/rider)     USA
Sound Prospect (KY), 2002 gelding, by Eastern Echo, out of Miners Girl by Miner’s Mark
Race Record:  13 starts – 0 win – 2 place – 1 show, $2,546 earnings
Competition record: 0 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 6 CIC3* – 7 Advanced HT

Tsunami (Sally Cousins/rider)        USA
Tsu Tsu Ro (PA), 1999 mare, by Roanoke, out of Tsu Tsu Slew by Tsunami Slew
Race Record:  24 starts – 3 wins – 2 place – 4 show, $35,170 earnings
Competition Record:   2 CCI4*– 6 CCI3* – 6 CIC3* – 11 Advanced HT
18th 2014 Rolex CCI4*, 14th 2012 Rolex CCI4*

Vilas County (Werner Geven/Carden Burdette)     NED
Vilas County (KY), 2004 gelding, by Jump Start, out of Brave Hearted (GB) by Dancing Brave
Race Record: 9 starts – 1 win – 0 place – 0 show, $5,763 earnings
Competition Record:

Pure Thoroughbreds – unraced (and, in two cases, un-registered)

Andromaque (Will Faudree/Jennifer Mosing and Sterling Silver Stables)    USA
Unnamed (IRE), 2001 mare, by Anshan (GB), out of Gortnagale (IRE) by Strong Gale (IRE)
USEA Competition Record: 1 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 12 CIC3* – 4 Advanced HT
16th, 2012 Rolex CCI4*

Never Outfoxed (Holly Payne/rider)     USA
Never Outfoxed (FL), 2006 Gelding, by Veronica’s Sir, out of Caroverse by Opening Verse
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 2 CIC3* – 4 Advanced HT

Novelle (Angela Grzywinkski/rider)  USA
Cupid’s Tart (KY), 2002 mare, by Frisk Me Now, out of Teetawk by Lil E. Tee
USEA Competition Record: 0 CCI4*– 1 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 5 Advanced HT

Petite Flower (Buck Davidson/Caroline and Sherrie Martin)         USA
Unregistered (PA), 2002 mare, by Amber’s Lust, out of Tears of a Loss (IRE) by Prince Rupert (FR)
USEA Competition Record:  0 CCI4* – 1 CCI3* – 3 CIC3* – 7 Advanced HT



Freddie Mac (William Fox-Pitt/Lady Best and Jane Kier) GBR
Unregistered (NZ), 2004 gelding, by Heroicity (AUS), out of Go Tara (NZ) by Tarrago (ITY)
International Competition Record: 0 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 1 CIC3* with William Fox-Pitt

Nonsensical (Emilee Libby/rider)      USA
Nonsensical (FL), 2003 gelding, by Point Given, out of On the Brink by Cox’s Ridge
Race Record: 6 starts – 1 win – 1 place – 0 show, $45,000 earnings
Competition Record: 0 CCI4*– 2 CCI3* – 2 CIC3* – 4 Advanced HT

Parklane Hawk (William Fox-Pitt/Catherine Witt)  GBR
Park Lane (NZ), 2000 gelding, by Grosvener (NZ), out of Deebee Lady (NZ) by Briilliant Invader (AUS)
Race Record: 19 starts – 0 win – 0 place – 2 show, $1,875 earnings
USEA Competition Record: 5 CCI4* – 2 CCI3* – 7 CIC3* – 1st 2012 Rolex CCI4*

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