Peter O’Sullevan’s trust brings £600K for Brooke equine charity

Royalties from Peter O'Sullevan's updated biography, Calling the Horses, are going to equine welfare charities.
Royalties from Peter O’Sullevan’s updated biography, Calling the Horses, are going to equine welfare charities.

The latest donation of £50,000 from the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust brings the total raised for equine welfare charity the Brooke to more than £600,000 in the last 18 years.

Iconic BBC commentator Sir Peter O’Sullevan, who celebrates his 97th birthday today, has also released a new version of his autobiography Calling The Horses, the royalties of which will raise even more money for animal welfare charities, including the Brooke.

Sir Peter became Patron of the Brooke in 1999. Since then he has become heavily involved with the charity, visiting its work overseas, supporting fundraising appeals and raising money through his own Charitable Trust. The working equines the Brooke helps also support the lives of millions of people by enabling them to earn money and in turn provide for their families.

Sir Peter writes in the book: “Having retired in my 80th year I took the opportunity to set up the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust. I had in mind a sextet of beneficiaries, two of which (the Brooke Hospital for Animals and World Horse Welfare) I have supported throughout my long working life.  The idea was to support dynamic charities that would be enabled to expand their work, granted additional resources.”

Brooke Chief Executive Petra Ingram said the charity was grateful to have Sir Peter as its patron. “His passion for horses shines through in all that he does, and we’d also like to thank the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust, which has been very generous to us over the years. The autobiography is an inspiring read and I’d definitely recommend it!”

The Brooke now works in 11 different countries across Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Latin America.

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