A horse vet for 75 years, Jack Powell dies at 101

Jack Powell
Jack Powell

Long-time Irish veterinarian Jack Powell has died at the age of 101. Powell retired from practice in 2011 after 75 years.

The Irish Times reported that on his retirement, he was Europe’s longest-serving vet, and received a gold medal award in recognition of his long service.

Jack “Ginger” Powell qualified in 1936, and was also a pilot with the Canadian Air Force. He practiced in Nenagh in north Tipperary.

He was well known in racing circles as a top horse vet, and had a gift for dealing with difficult horses.

He was a co-founder of the Irish Shows Association, and its first chairman. Powell was also a member of the Hunter Improvement Society and the Traditional Irish Horse Association.

Powell was the third member of his family to reach 100, with his mother reaching the mark in 1970, She lived to be 102. His brother, Jim, who died in 2012, also reached 100.

Jack Powell (born May 29, 1913; died February 6, 2015) is survived by his sons Charles, John and Richard. He was predeceased by his wife, Sheila.


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