French Equestrian Federation backs the FEI’s endurance move


The French Equestrian Federation has voiced its approval of the FEI’s decision to remove two international endurance events from its calendar that are set to be run in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in March.

The world governing body calls the move an emergency measure to protect horse welfare and preserve the integrity of its rules at FEI events, as the fallout from events in the Al Reef Cup, run in Abu Dhabi late in January, continues.

An Australian-bred horse, Splitters Creek Bundy, died as a result of two broken forelegs during the race, run under the rules of the UAE Equestrian Federation.

Several national federations have released statements urging the FEI to act.

The tougher endurance rules introduced by the FEI last year after a long period of consultation do not apply if events are run under national rules, as was the case with the Al Reef Cup.

There have been growing numbers of endurance races in the region run under such rules, limiting the jurisdiction of the FEI.



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