New series for thoroughbreds at leading US horse trials


plantation-fieldsA new points series for thoroughbreds is being offered at Pennsylvania’s Plantation Field Horse Trials this season.

Points will be awarded to horses in the Beginner Novice, Novice and Training divisions at all PFEE recognized and starter trials.  The total prize money of $5000 will go to the owner of the top-placing Thoroughbred horse, and a $500 bonus will be awarded to the breeder of the horse.

Plantation Field Equestrian Events president Denis Glaccum said the series was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Kathleen Crompton, a longtime thoroughbred owner and enthusiastic supporter of Plantation Field.

“Kathleen strongly believes in the Thoroughbred for the sport of eventing and hopes her contribution will encourage others to develop the Thoroughbred for this sport,” Glaccum said.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer this significant award, and we hope that not only competitors but breeders will recognize eventing as an alternative opportunity to racing Thoroughbreds, and as a second career after horses’ racing careers are over.

“Eventers in recent years have been importing horses at a record level, and we feel that the Thoroughbred is ideally suited for this sport.”

The goal is for the series to grow over time and possibly become a national series.

The competition is open to all Thoroughbred horses with a Jockey Club registration, a tattoo or an affidavit certifying parentage from the breeder.

Horses will be allowed to compete in only one Plantation Field competition during a given weekend. Additional considerations may apply. Competitors and owners should identify their Thoroughbred when making their entry.

Entries for the April Horse Trials open today.

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