Brony heaven for Dutch and Aussie My Little Pony fans


brony-conIf you’re a Brony in Australia or The Netherlands, this is your lucky weekend. Both countries are hosting My Little Pony conventions for the first time.

Bronies are adult fans of the My Little Pony toy franchise, most often men – hence the “bro” in the name.

Australia’s PonyCon AU is being held this weekend at the Outrigger Hotel in Surfers Paradise, and the Hearth’s Warming Con is the Dutch equivalent, being held in the appropriately named town of Hoofddorp near Amsterdam.

The PonyCon AU group, which was founded in 2012, offers tips for conference goers including drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration, wearing sunscreen to avoid sunburn, and to wear deodorant. However, organisers note, “lots of deodorant is no substitute for a shower. Be considerate to your fellow convention goers!”

The Dutch convention isn’t quite that strict on personal grooming, although organisers do ask that participants “maintain order and cleanliness”.

pony-conAUThe Australian convention has several guests, including Ingrid Nilson, the voice of Maud Pie, Raspberry Torte, and punk rocker Sloan in an upcoming Barbie movie; sketch artist Paul Abstruse; and writers GM Berrow and Meghan McCarthy. Voice actor Cathy Eeseluck will be appearing via Skype. Musician L-Train will perform at the After Dark concert.

In the Netherlands, several voice artists will appear,  including the Dutch Fluttershy (Lizemijn Libgott); Swedish voice actress Anneli Heed, who does the voices of Spitfire, Spike, Sweetie Belle and others; Ricky Benjamin (aka ElectroBlitz), a singer and voice actor for “Legends of Equestria”; and MLP collector Yum-Yum (aka Patrick Alkemade), who will provide a pony styling workshop. Participants can bring their own ponies.

The band Przewalski’s Ponies, based in Russia and which has toured pony conventions since 2012, will also be there.

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