Fresh look for Horsetalk


Horsetalk has today changed over to a new look.

Most of the familiar elements remain, which we are hoping will result in minimal disruption for our regular readers.

The main driver for the change has been the growing use of mobile devices – tablets and smartphones – to read the website.

Webmaster Robin Marshall says about half of those accessing the website each day now do so on mobile devices.


The old site was not responsive, effectively displaying the same website to all users, regardless of whether they were visiting on a cellphone, tablet, or desktop PC.

The biggest change to the look of the site will affect those coming in on smartphones and, to a lesser extent, tablets. However, the new look should be much easier to read and simpler to navigate.

We are not naive enough to think that the changeover will go without a glitch. That said, the new website has been tested on desktop machines, laptops, Apple iPads, android tablets, android smartphones and iPhones.

We anticipate it will take us a couple of days to iron out any unforseen wrinkles, which we hope will be minor. The performance of some parts of the new website can only be properly assessed “live”, as opposed to on the test site.

Horsetalk has more than 25,000 indexed pages, and we can’t check every one before the changeover.

Last year, Horsetalk recorded nearly 2.5 million user sessions (visitors).

Thank you in advance for your patience as we bed in the changes.

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