Centuries old polo posts removed in India


Two horse polo posts believed to have been built by medieval kings in India have been demolished, it has been reported.

The goal markers have stood on vacant land near the centre of the city of Bidar for centuries, and were considered part of the region’s rich cultural history.

Thehindu.com reports that a local sugarcane grower has said he was responsible for their removal.

“They were not historical monuments,” he told the website, asserting that snakes were nesting inside the posts.

The two polo pillars were part of a set of four that marked the goals on a polo field that measured more than 590 yards long. Each of the pillars was said to have a circumference of 16 feet and stood seven feet tall.

A local book, Bidar: Its history and monuments, said the pillars were called Ran Khambh, meaning war stones. Sport was an important part of local culture and was likened to the combat of war.

Local authorities told the website they would be investigating the removal of the structures.


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