Vicki Glynn to see Equestrian Sports NZ through to Olympics

Vicki Glynn
Vicki Glynn

The interim chief executive of Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ), Vicki Glynn, has agreed to fill the role on a fulltime basis through to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Glynn has been interim chief executive on a part time basis since late October last year.

ESNZ chairman Chris Bray confirmed Glynn would fill the role on a fulltime basis through to the Games.

He said she would continue to live in Auckland, commuting regularly to Wellington, where the organisation is based.

Bray said the ESNZ board was pleased with Glynn’s decision to take up the role, saying she had the skills and knowledge to lead the organisation and bring in the changes it believed were essential for the well-being of equestrian sport in the country.

Glynn is well-known in many areass of equestrian sports as a rider, owner and long-time supporter.

She has helped with many projects, including the High Performance HorsePower project and has been a big contributor to coverage of some Team New Zealand events, such as the World Equestrian Games, Burghley and Badminton.

Glynn and her husband recently returned to live in Auckland after spending many years in Britain.

Glynn was involved in many aspects of equestrian sport in Britain, from chairing a large riding club to participating competitively in showing and the relatively new equestrian competition, Trec.

She was editor of New Zealand’s Bulletin magazine in the 1980s.

Her professional career has been in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

She worked as a general manager with SmithKline Beecham New Zealand and has held several consultancy roles in the areas of international marketing, outsourcing, and managing intercompany alliances.

Equestrian Sports New Zealand faced upheavals last year, with the resignations and redundancies of several key staff members, including the departure of chief executive Jim Ellis to take up a role within Sport New Zealand in September.

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