Fourteen horses taken into care in Nebraska

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One of the horses taken into care. Photo: Nebraska Humane Society/Facebook
One of the horses taken into care. Photos: Nebraska Humane Society/Facebook

Fourteen horses have been taken into care by the Nebraska Humane Society from a farm in Boone County.

The society worked with the Boone County Sheriff’s Department in an operation at the property.

nebraska-rescue-operation3The charity says the horses will need a tremendous amount of care and support and it is appealing for donations to help.

It reported on its Facebook page: “These horses are horribly underweight with jutting hip bones and spines poking through their matted coats.

“They were surviving on very little food and water. Without a call from a good samaritan, they would not have been able to survive many more nights in the winter cold.”

The society said it was working with its veterinarians and a nutritionist to rehabilitate the horses.

“But we could use more help. Their care will not be quick or inexpensive. However, we simply cannot turn our backs on their suffering. If you can help, please do.”


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