Horse Trust farewells Ross after exemplary life

Ross is pictured with an officer named as Rick, who enjoyed police work with the big Hanoverian.
Ross is pictured with an officer named Rick, who enjoyed police work with the big Hanoverian.

Ross, a brave 15-year veteran of Britain’s Humberside police force, has died at the age of 18, after a retirement of nearly three years.

The Horse Trust reported the death of the 17-hand Hanoverian, on its Facebook page.

Ross had spent his entire career with the Humberside police until his retirement early in 2012.

The charity said Ross had an exemplary career, carrying out his duties at hundreds of football matches, many public order situations and covering the full array of police horse work.

“In fact, he was famous for being the bravest police horse Humberside had, always leading the others from the front and never showing the slightest fear in any situation, however dangerous,” it said.

“Ross was also a very sweet-natured boy who was one of the very rare few retirees we get who struggles with being in our large herds.

“He also suffered with Cushings and sweet itch, so we felt fairly early on he would be happier with one of our very special ‘foster mummies’.”

Ross saw out his retirement at what the charity described as a five-star foster home.

“He got all the one-to-one human attention he needed and was pampered and adored for his twilight years.

Ross before his retirement, with Constable Caroline Middleton.
Ross before his retirement, with Constable Caroline Middleton.

“We visited him every few months and he was so very happy.

“Such a hugely courageous yet gentle boy; he deeply touched everyone who cared for him both in work and in retirement.

“In the end Ross’s hocks gave out and the sad but kind decision was made to say goodbye to one of the sweetest, bravest and best looking equine civil servants it’s been our privilege to retire.”

Constable Caroline Middleton said at the time of his retirement: “I can honestly say and speak for all mounted officers that Ross is the best police horse we have ever had.

“There is nothing that scares him or that he would refuse to go into.

“Ross has impeccable manners. He is a joy to work around in every field. He has no vices and is very polite. He is well behaved for everyone, including the farrier, vet and groom.

“He would load himself into the lorry if he could. He generally knows what you want from him before you even ask.”

Middleton said Ross was the only police horse she knew who got excited in public order situations. They were what he thrived on, she said.

He actively wanted to be involved in crowd dynamics and was in his element at the front of an escort, she said.

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