Free web seminars on horse obesity, gastric ulcers


nutrition-minnesotaTwo free web seminars addressing equine gastric ulcers and horse obesity have been announced by the New Jersey-based Rutgers Equine Science Center and Rutgers Cooperative Extension.

Dr Carey Williams, Extension equine specialist and associate director of the Equine Science Center, has assembled two presentations by a Rutgers visiting professor, Dr Ingrid Vervuert, from the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Vervuert is at Rutgers on a two-month sabbatical, which began in October.

She is a senior scientist at the Institute of Animal Nutrition, Nutrition Disease and Dietetics, which is part of the German university’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Vervuert is a veterinarian with postdoctoral lecture qualifications in animal nutrition and dietetics. Her major field of study is animal nutrition, with an emphasis on horses.

Vervuert will be presenting “Gastric Ulcers in Horses” on November 18.

“Obesity in Horses” will be presented on December 2.

Both hour-long webinars begin at 7pm EST.

“The fall webinar series, focusing on these two common horse health issues, will be a live interactive webcast that horse owners will not want to miss,” Williams said.

“The webinar provides participants with the convenience to interact with experts and have their questions answered while in the comfort of their own home.

“It is truly an honor to have an expert in the area of ulcers and obesity here at Rutgers and we are excited to have her present to the horse-owning public.”

Rutgers recommends that those interested in the webinar trying their computer out beforehand in case there are some system updates or downloads needed prior to participating.

The Equine Science Center is a unit of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers, which is the state university of New Jersey.

For complete information regarding the webinar, please go to the Equine Science Center website at or contact Laura Kenny at 848-932-3229,, or Dr. Carey Williams at 848-932-5529,

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