Family member “turned the tables” on suspect in Kentucky multiple shooting


The man who survived a Kentucky shooting in which his parents and sister died has described how he “turned the tables” on the suspect in the killings, Vito Riservato.

Police are treating 22-year-old Riservato as the suspect in the Sunday shootings near Cadiz, in Trigg County, in which a retired couple, 62-year-old Boyd Lindsey Champion and 60-year-old Joy Champion, and their daughter, Emily Champion, 31, an equine veterinarian working in Louisiana, died.

The body of Riservato, of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was also found at the address.

The only survivor was the Champion’s son, Ryan, 36, who spoke to WSMV TV in Nashville about the shooting incident, which occurred after the Champions had returned to the family home after church.

Ryan and Emily were visiting their parents at the weekend.

He indicated he could only share certain details because of the ongoing police inquiry.

Police confirmed that Riservato had met the victims last week.

“It was a very short relationship, that’s all I can say,” Ryan told WSMV.

“I was able to turn the tables on him. He got close enough to me that I could turn the tables, and that was it,” Ryan said. “Every minute the entire thing was going on, that’s all I was waiting for. I was waiting for an opportunity.”

Ryan went to hospital, but was uninjured.

Emily Champion was a veterinarian at Baronne Equine Veterinary Clinic in Sunset, Louisiana.

She had been employed at the clinic since 2009 and worked as a track veterinarian at Delta Downs, a racetrack near the Texas border, caring mainly for thoroughbreds and quarter horses.

She studied at Western Kentucky University and Auburn University. It is understood she completed an internship in equine medicine and surgery in South Carolina.

Joy Champion was a retired teacher who taught for 30 years at schools in Trigg County. Lindsay Champion recently retired as a long-time director of Farm Credit Services and was serving as a church elder.

Police were called to the scene on Sunday at 11.44am where they found the bodies in and around the residence.

The crime scene investigation was mostly completed on Monday.

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