My Little Pony characters to feature on Pez candy dispensers

The Pez candy dispensers to sold in the 2015 range were on display in London this week.
The Pez candy dispensers to sold in the 2015 range were on display in London this week.

Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are to be immortalized in Pez candy dispensers.

The three characters from the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will feature on the mechanical pocket dispensers made famous by Pez, an Austrian candy manufacturer.

Pez have been placing the heads of well-known characters on its candy dispensers for 60 years. There are now more than 550 unique dispenser heads with thousands of variations. They are considered collectible, with the highest verified price being $US7000 paid for a Mickey Mouse head.

The three My Little Pony dispensers are part of a deal struck between toy maker Hasbro and Pez International.

Hasbro has signed a global licensing agreement with Pez to develop the My Little Pony-branded line of dispensers, as well as Pez dextrose fizzy candy and fizzy rolls.

Consumers will be able to buy the lollies from early 2015 in Germany, France and Austria, followed by additional markets worldwide.

The new dispensers and candy are on display this week at Hasbro’s Booth at the Brand Licensing Europe event in London, which started on Tuesday and runs till Thursday.

The assorted fruit candy range will include lemon, strawberry, orange and cherry flavors.

“This is a colorful pairing of two brands with strong pop culture followings,” said Hasbro’s vice-president of brand licensing in Europe, James Walker.

“The My Little Pony property has grown to represent more than $US650 million at retail, supported by a global fanbase that is deeply drawn to the brand’s character-based stories of friendship and magic.”

Walker said the company expected the new Pez dispensers to be a big hit among consumers of all ages.

The head of marketing and licensing at Pez, Gabriele Hofinger, said the company was excited to add the three dispensers to its range for 2015.

The most valuable Pez dispensers are considered to be three political donkeys, each valued at over $US13,000, one of which was owned by the late US president, John F. Kennedy.

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