Horse Lore – the Traditional Wisdom of Equus


Horse Lore - the Traditional Wisdom of EquusThis pictorial book is something akin to a zen guide to horses, offering equine based insights into what horses think, do and why.

Author Heidi Cooke has written the words, inspired by her horse, Freewill, with whom she shares a special connection. Heidi and Freewill found a kindred spirit in photographer Trudy Nicholson, whose pictures accompany the text.

Horse Lore – the Traditional Wisdom of Equus, by Heidi Cooke and Trudy Nicholson; Copy Press Books, April 2014. 118pp, 210 x 235mm. RRP: $48.20. ISBN: 9780994107077.

Horse Lore encourages the horse lover to open their minds and “be” with their horse, and to learn to “feel”.

In recent years humankind has realised there is much to be learned from horses — the increase in popularity of equine-based therapy is evidence of that. Good old “horse sense” including equine experiential learning and equine-facilitated psychotherapy — has helped people from many walks of life, from the corporate world to the disabled and the emotionally scarred.

Much has been written on the topic, but with Cooke’s Horse Lore it is easy to take just one topic and mull it over — perhaps as a daily dose of equine understanding.

Questions are posed and answered, including topics such as the equine attitude to emotions, fear, work and play, energy, spirit, and more.



Heidi Cooke and Freewill
Heidi Cooke and Freewill

Heidi Cooke worked as an Equine and Paediatric Physiotherapist for more than 20 years. She gained her Masters in Evidenced Based Medicine from Oxford University and in 2002 emigrated from the UK to New Zealand. In 2007, life changed dramatically for Heidi when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident that resulted in multiple spinal fractures. The chronic nerve pain that followed not only led to the loss of a career as a physiotherapist but created an inability to continue with the sports she loved.  Some months on, still crippled with pain, she was miraculously given the chance to ride a young horse who rekindled her passion for all things equine. With it came the desire to search for a special horse of her own. A horse chose her, and years later he would share the traditional wisdom of Equus. Heidi shares her life with partner Andrew, her horses Will, Devine and Tiger, and her German Shepherd, Thor.  In her spare time, Heidi enjoys writing and spending time with her animals on her lifestyle property.



Trudy Nicholson and Malibu
Trudy Nicholson and Malibu

Photographer Trudy Nicholson attended pony club and competed as a child. She later became a teacher of horse riding, both to children and adults, bringing many through to competition level. Trudy has trained competition horses, evented, competed in dressage at national level and worked in the thoroughbred industry in a variety of capacities. A period as an equine veterinary technician gave her a valuable insight into the breeding world of the thoroughbred horse. Her photographic skills and knowledge of horses give her the ability to capture the body language, relationships and emotions of the horse in a uniquely expressive way. When not travelling, her base is a small rural holding with her family and horses in Nelson. She is also the author of A Way With Horses and the popular White Cloud Station series for young readers.

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