The Tao of Equus – by Linda Kohanov

taoofequusThe few people in the world with the ability to look beyond the usual thinking that the horse is simply a beast of burden, a recreational or sporting tool, or just a “dumb” animal, will know what amazing creatures they really are.

Fewer still people can profess to have any kind of connection with horses – that is, beyond a master/slave training response situation which is often called “horse whispering”.

This book isn’t about horse whispering in that sense; in fact it is rather hard to describe at all as it goes far beyond what is accepted as a “normal” behavioural work.

Rather it tells of the interaction on many levels of the author, Linda Kohanov, and her horses, and how she discovered their “spiritual and ancestral connections”.

The Tao of Equus – A Woman’s Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Way of the Horse
by Linda Kohanov; New World Library. 356pp. RRP $US24.95.

When things are bad, it makes you feel good to be with your horse.

Ever wondered why?

Maybe there is a deeper connection than the simple rider-horse concept.

Based on her own experiences, The Tao of Equus is Kohanov’s own journey to learn about the healing power of horses. She now specialises in equine experiential learning and equine-facilitated psychotherapy.

Kohanov’s centre, Epona Equestrian Services, has helped many people with a range of “issues” and with no previous contact with horses. These troubled people have learned new coping strategies so that they can control their problems, rather than the other way around.

Open this book and open your mind. You might just be surprised what you learn and what you can overcome … with a little help from your four-legged friends.

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