Riding between the worlds – by Linda Kohanov


ridingbetweenRiding Between the Worlds follows on from Kohanov’s The Tao of Equus, further demonstrating the amazing bond between horses and people.

Linda Kohanov tells more of her own story and those of others and their experiences with equine facilitated healing. And she says that her experiences with horse are not special, rather based on listening to her intuition, or “gut feeling”.

Riding Between the Worlds – Expanding our Potential through the Way of the Horse
by Linda Kohanov; New World Library. 244pp, RRP $US22.95.

She says: “I have the opportunity to share some of these stories, illustrating that personal anecdotes I initially worried were too strange to confess in print are not unique, but rather representative of the powerful connections that humans and horses around the world are having with increasing regularity as taboos against treating animals as equals lose influence.”

Some people think horses are not smart creatures: these are people who don’t have a connection with the horse. Trainers who fail to realise that the horse’s mind can be developed rather than conditioning the animal to react to certain training responses may also fall into that category.

The many true stories will amaze you – believe what you will; you’ve nothing to lose, but potentially much to gain.


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