Commercial reality: There’s nothing like a horse in slow motion


There’s nothing like a slow-motion horse and some dramatic music to bring a little gravitas to a television commercial.

Heineken in the United States has just released its first US television commercial for its Strongbow Hard Apple Cider to prove the point.

"Brian" in action in the Strongbow Cider commercial.
“Brian” in action in the Strongbow Cider commercial.

The commercial involves a couple walking on a beach and a horse name Brian.

Viewers can decide whether the presence of Brian adds to the pleasure of supping on a Strongbow cider while walking along the beach at sunset.

The one-minute commercial, entitled Slow Motion Horse is part of Heinekin’s latest campaign, “Cider at Its Bestest”.

The commercial had its first airing this week.

Strongbow is said to have 125 years of cider-making experience and lays claim to being the top-selling cider in the world.

The campaign, created by creative agency Droga5, will be supported by social media activity.

Cider consumption is on the rise – with or without the help of Brian, it would seem.

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