Lesley the Pony prances to stardom


This short video titled Lesley the Pony has an A+ Day was a winner at the recent International Animation Festival Film Festival.

Lesley the Pony.
Lesley the Pony.

Lesley’s catchy accompanying music with the star heading to Merryville to visit the Duke leads into a much darker story, bearing little relationship at all to the up-tempo beginning.

It’s definitely not suitable bedtime material for younger kids, so be warned! Lesley, it transpires, has self-harm issues and homidical thoughts.

Lesley’s creators are obviously hoping to go viral, with a range of T-shirts available, featuring Lesley and the Duke, as well as a hoodie, a baby’s jumpsuit and, of course, an iPhone case.

The clip won the RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Junior project and Best Undergraduate Animation sections at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.

Lesley is also to be shown at the Milano, Brno16 and Cucalorus film festivals, as well as the New Chitose Airport International and KLIK! Amsterdam animation festivals.


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