Police horse and rider struck by pickup truck in Pennsylvania


PoliceA police horse in Pennsylvania struck by a pickup truck escaped serious injury, but stable rest has been ordered by his vet while he recovers.

The incident happened in the the City of Bethlehem, in Northampton County, on Wednesday when George and mounted officer Michael Leaser were on patrol in the area of High Street and North Street.

The pair were struck by the vehicle around 6.42pm.

Leaser suffered injures to his right leg and back. After ensuring George was being taken care of, Leaser was taken to St Lukes Hospital, where he was treated and later released. He sustained bruises and soreness, and will be back on duty in a few days.

Bethlehem police chief Mark DiLuzio said George was struck on his right hind side by the oncoming vehicle.

George was taken to the Bethlehem Police Stable Facility where mounted officer Jason Holschwander began treating him until the on-call vet arrived.

George was examined by the vet, but no broken bones or major damage was apparent.

“There was some swelling and tenderness,” DiLuzio said. “George was given an anti-inflammatory and other medication to assist in the healing process.

“George will be restricted to his stall for several days to relax and take his medication.”

The vet believed that George would be able to return to duties in a few days.

The operator of the pickup truck that struck the pair will be charged with careless driving, a stop sign violation, and failure to provide proof of insurance.

DiLuzio said he wished Leaser and George a quick recovery.

“As we all know, accidents do happen and sometimes there are injures. In this case, we are thankful that there were no serious injures to any anyone involved.”

He thanked those involved in the care of the injured pair.

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