Andrew Nicholson remains Focused after WEG

Andrew Nicholson signs a copy of his new book for a young fan.
Andrew Nicholson signs a copy of his new book for a young fan.

New Zealand eventer Andrew Nicholson launched his new book Focused at the Burghley Horse Trials on Thursday. I managed to attend this, bought a book and had it signed by Andrew himself.  

Andrew Nicholson's new book Focused is being launched at Burghley this weekend. It is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.
Andrew Nicholson’s new book Focused is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Here’s what Andrew had to say during his time in the Celebrate Talk area.



“I was a little embarrassed when I opened the book and saw those pictures (from the early days).”

“We chose to go with a book with photographs as people want to look at something. I like to pick a book up and them put them down, or flick through and if I see a picture I like, then I will read about it. It has all the falls, the if-onlys and the important part of my career. I only read the racing pages.”

When asked if he read rule books, Andrew replied that “I like to think I write the rule books.”

One of the questions he was asked was when he was going to have a go at the Grand National, to which he replied “I’m too old now.”


On other things besides the book:

On Avebury:  “The ground jury liked the way he moved, so they wanted to see more yesterday.  He galloped well and had a jump on Monday, we are both looking forward to it.”

“Just having a horse come to a 4* event three years in a row is an achievement in itself.”

“The moment you start to back off him, he can be a bit cheeky. I bred him. I rode his sire, Jumbo, and also his dam.  His mother only did a few events but she was genuine, easy to ride, she could gallop and felt fast.”



“The ground was absolutely diabolical.  Nereo found it hard work pulling himself out of the sticky ground.  I had to use him to his maximum. I never normally kick him on, but after one minute I was kicking, and pushing him over the 40 odd jumping efforts.  In the showjumping, he didn’t feel tired, he felt aggressive.  He did what he had to do the day before, which isn’t what you want for showjumping.”

“The ground was the biggest problem. They spent money on the drainage but it had been done badly. If the ground had been dry, probably only four would have been inside the time. It was just unfortunate the ground made it into a marathon.”

“The ground here at Burghley is superb, even if it gets wet.”

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