NZ jockey charged after investigation into ride


A New Zealand jockey has been charged with two breaches of the Rules of Racing involving allegations he backed another horse in a race and deliberately rode his own mount to ensure his bets were successful.

The charges were brought against David Walker by the Racing Integrity Unit (RIU).

They centre on his ride on Watch Your Man in the third race at Awapuni on August 16.

It is the RIU’s contention that Walker placed bets on another horse, St Ransom, and deliberately rode his own mount to ensure his bets were successful.

The RIU accuses Walker of breaching two rules:

  • Rule 801 (1) (m) – A person commits a Serious Racing Offence within the meaning of these Rules who commits a dishonest or fraudulent act connected with racing or betting associated with racing
  • Rule 707 (1) – A Rider may only bet on a race and/or sports event (including but not limited to a Race) in New Zealand or in any other jurisdiction, provided that where he is betting on a race and he is riding a horse in that race he may only bet on the horse he is riding

RIU general manager Mike Godber said, in view of the evidence collected to date and the seriousness of the charges, it had recommended to New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing that Walker’s licence be suspended pending the hearing of the charges.

“The allegations before Mr Walker are serious and threaten the very fabric of thoroughbred racing,” Godber said.

“We therefore consider the continued participation of Walker in racing prior to the Judicial Control Authority hearing would pose an unacceptable risk to the image, interests and integrity of racing,” Godber said.

Investigations are continuing.

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