Horse ownership ban for breaching SPCA order


A Canadian man has been fined $C250 and received a 10-year ban on possessing or having control of any horse in a case that involved two thoroughbreds, the Ontario SPCA reports.

The charity said Robert Pakulski, 56, of Toronto, Ontario, pleaded guilty on August 21 to one count of disobeying an Ontario SPCA Order and one count of obstructing or misleading an Ontario SPCA Officer, contrary to the provisions of the Ontario SPCA Act.

The case began in January 2014, when an Ontario SPCA officer visited a farm property in Simcoe County after receiving a complaint concerning two young thoroughbreds.

The officer found the horses lacking water and adequate shelter, and their body condition appeared to be thin.

Ontario SPCA Orders were written to Pakulski to provide the necessary food, shelter and water source, and for a farrier to attend to the horses.

Before a scheduled inspection the following month to check on compliance, the charity was informed that the horses had been removed from the property. The Ontario SPCA officer was told that a local livestock transporter had taken the horses.

The livestock transport was interviewed and reported being contacted to have the two horses removed.

The two young horses were shipped out of province and slaughtered. It is an offence to move or relocate an animal that is the subject of an Ontario SPCA order without the knowledge and consent of the investigator.

“It is an offense to obstruct an Ontario SPCA officer in the performance of their duties,” Ontario SPCA regional inspector Alison Green said.

The Ontario SPCA has statutory powers to maintain and enforce animal welfare legislation in the province. Legislation provides Ontario SPCA agents and inspectors with police powers to do so.


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