WEG Event Guide: Endurance

When: Thursday 28 August 2014 at 7am

Who:  More than 170 riders under the flags of 48 nations will compete in the official Endurance event (35 teams and 13 riders competing individually, with the latest entry figures likely to evolve).

What: Competitors will ride over a 160km-track composed of 5 looped circuits stretching from the Lucerne forest to the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Action at the 2013 Test Event, Bay of Mont St Michel.
Action at the 2013 Test Event, Bay of Mont St Michel. © Philippe Millereau KMSP

This event is able to take place thanks to the local expertise of industry professionals, the mobilising of the Mayors of the towns crossed by the circuit, and of course the farmers.

The course’s five looped circuits set out from Sartilly and return to Sartilly. It’s there that the horses undergo the compulsory veterinary checks and rest in a holding before heading off on the following loop (vet gate).

The Endurance event is a ‘marathon’, that is run over a single day, by a single horse and a single rider. It is a timed circuit comprising a marked-out itinerary spanning 160km with vet checks at the end of each of the 5 looped circuits during the event. The rider must know how to manage the effort exerted by their horse so that the distance is completed in as fast a time as possible while keeping the horse in perfect physical condition.

One nation can enter up to five rider/horse pairings. The best three riders from each nation will be selected for the team ranking. If a nation doesn’t enter at least three riders, it doesn’t participate in the team ranking.

A venue spanning 12 hectares is specially laid out for the event with 80 temporary accommodation cabins for 320 grooms, 240 boxes, 1,800m2 of temporary structures for the horses to rest, a 1,000m² exhibitors’ village and a hospitality village spanning 6,000m2.

Spectator information:

On race day, the Organising Committee provides 3000 free parking spaces from 6am to 9pm exclusively for spectators with tickets.

The utmost vigilance is required by car-drivers on the day of the Endurance event in the sectors of Granville, Avranches, Sartilly and La Haye-Pesnel, since the race crosses a number of roads from 7am to 8pm.

The various crossings will be made secure by signallers from the Organising Committee and the French Gendarmerie.

The passage schedule to enable the public without tickets to come and watch the race at a series of stunning viewpoints are: La Ferrière district in Jullouville, Dragey, the Avranches racetrack, the beaches of Jullouville and Carolles, the beach and the Centre Equestre (Equestrian Centre) in Kairon.


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