Two-year-old Pride of Poland sale topper fetches €305,000

Two-year-old filly Piacolla has topped the 45th annual Pride of Poland Arabian Horse Sale,  fetching €305,000 for vendor Michałów Stud.

Two-year-old filly Piacolla fetched €305,000 at the Pride of Poland sale.
Two-year-old filly Piacolla fetched €305,000 at the Pride of Poland sale.Norma was the second highest priced lot, fetching €250,000. Norma was the second highest priced lot, fetching €250,000.Nine-year-old mare Cenoza sold for €240,000, the third highest priced lot of the sale. Nine-year-old mare Cenoza sold for €240,000, the third highest priced lot of the sale.

Piacolla (Enzo x Polonica / Ekstern / Eukaliptus / Probat) was named Polish National Junior Champion Mare in 2013, and was Yearling Junior Bronze Champion at the All Nations Cup.

Another national champion mare owned by Michałów, Norma, was the second highest priced lot, fetching €250,000. The 10-year-old mare (Gazal Al Shaqab x Nina / Monogramm / Nabor / Kirkor) received the  highest score of the 2013 Polish Nationals, 94,33 points, and was crowned Best in Show. Norma sold in foal to Empire, a son of Enzo out of Emira.

Next highest seller was Janów Podlaski Stud’s nine-year-old mare Cenoza (Ekstern x Celna), who sold for €240,000.

The sale, at Janów Podlaski on Monday, saw 47 mares and one stallion sold over the three sessions.

The total sales as reported by organisers for the Pride of Poland Sale, were €2.089 million for 24 horses; the Summer Sale netted €338,000 for 23 mares sold, and the sole stallion sold, Pegasus, consigned by Janów Podlaski, went for €16,000.

Last year, the sale topper was El Saghira, who fetched €500,000, and in 2012, Ejrene sold for €440,000. Holding the record in euros for highest priced lot at the sale is Kwestura, who sold in 2008 for €1,250,000.

In 1984 a buyer paid $US1 million for the mare Penicylina.

From 1970 to 2002 the sale was conducted in US dollars; it switched to euros in 2003.

A feature of this year’s Arabian Horse Days, which encompasses the Pride of Poland Sale and the country’s National Show, was the presentation of an arabian stallion to the Janów Podlaski Stud by Bahrain’s Sheikh Isa bin Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, grandson of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Poland’s deputy prime minister Janusz Piechocinski was on hand for the occasion.

The stallion, Kuhailan Afasa Maidaan, is from the  historic Kuheilan Afas strain. About 100 years ago the first horses of the strain were brought to Janów Podlaski, and the lines are still present in the breed today.





Arabian mares – Pride of Poland
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
4 305.000 Piacolla d.bay 2012 Enzo Polonica Michałów Stud
1 250.000 Norma grey 2004 Gazal Al Shaqab Nina Michałów Stud
7 240.000 Cenoza chest. 2005 Ekstern Celna Janów Podlaski Stud
2 220.000 Perfirka grey 2003 Gazal Al Shaqab Perforacja Białka Stud
10 180.000 Emantia chest. 2009 Emigrant Emetyna Michałów Stud
3 165.000 Alabama grey 2006 Gazal Al Shaqab Altona Janów Podlaski Stud
18 140.000 Alhambra grey 2002 Ecaho Albigowa Janów Podlaski Stud
9 81.000 Piera chest. 2012 Eden C Pelota Janów Podlaski Stud
11 80.000 Fortycja grey 2009 Pegasus Florencja Andrzej Wójtowicz
6 70.000 Wieża Marc’a d.bay 2009 QR Marc Wieża Marzeń Michałów Stud
23 47.000 Zadora bay 2011 Ekstern Zariba Janów Podlaski Stud
25 45.000 Windawa bay 2004 Gazal Al Shaqab Wilnianka Michałów Stud
20 37.000 Lenka grey 2004 Piaff Ludmiła Przemysław Sawicki
26 36.000 Piraneza grey 2007 Ecaho Pilar Janów Podlaski Stud
22 34.000 Zigana grey 2004 Gazal Al Shaqab Zmowa Michałów Stud
14 24.000 Szanta grey 2003 Ekstern Słonka Falborek Arabians
13 22.000 Primawera grey 2000 Emigrant Premiera Michałów Stud
5 20.000 Papusza grey 2003 Ararat Parafa Janów Podlaski Stud
12 20.000 Czarnota bay 2003 Gazal Al Shaqab Czartawa Janów Podlaski Stud
21 20.000 Hestia grey 2009 Poganin Hekla Janów Podlaski Stud
8 15.000 Pustynna Róża grey 1999 Emigrant Pustynna Tarcza Michałów Stud
28 15.000 Elima bay 2000 Eukaliptus Elfina Janów Podlaski Stud
16 12.000 Huella grey 2011 Esparto Hulala Białka Stud
24 11.000 Perrara grey 2010 Esparto Perra Białka Stud
27 sold Dębowa Polana grey 2005 Eldon Dębowa Góra Michałów Stud
15 Europia grey 2006 Pesal Eutona Janów Podlaski Stud
19 Chimera bay 1998 Emigrant Czereda Michałów Stud
17 withdrawn Piękna Pani grey 2003 Ekstern Pasja Michałów Stud
Arabian mares – Summer Sale
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
S/17 42.000 Elfera chest. 2006 Psytadel Eiffla Lech Błaszczyk
S/22 30.000 Espa grey 2004 Kulig Espadrilla Michałów Stud
S/12 26.000 Emberiza grey 2007 Al Maraam Empiryka Michałów Stud
S/13 23.000 Moja Miła grey 2007 Złocień Malowana Lala Krzysztof Falba
S/1 20.000 Zinaria grey 2013 Shanghai E.A. Zeksterna Czeple Arabians
S/27 18.000 Drzewica bay 2000 Ganges Dzięcielina Michałów Stud
S/5 16.000 Bint Mama grey 2010 Marajj Bint Moleta Falborek Arabians
S/16 16.000 Sotika bay 2006 WH Justice Słonka Falborek Arabians
S/20 15.500 Lanckorona chest. 2006 Poganin Luanda Michałów Stud
S/26 14.000 Missouri bay 2002 Wachlarz Mina Paweł Redestowicz
S/7 12.000 Eora bay 2009 Ganges Eola Janów Podlaski Stud
S/15 11.000 Emfonia grey 2007 Galba Ernera Michałów Stud
S/23 11.000 Bordiura bay 2003 Gazal Al Shaqab Bogini Janów Podlaski Stud
S/8 10.000 Czartana bay 2009 Ganges Czartawa Janów Podlaski Stud
S/9 10.000 Eskarina grey 2008 El Nabila B Esmirna Michałów Stud
S/3 9.000 Bajana grey 2010 Polon Bajgora Janów Podlaski Stud
S/11 9.000 Erie bay 2007 Al Maraam Eryka Michałów Stud
S/19 9.000 Elfuria chest. 2006 HS Etiquette El Fatha Janów Podlaski Stud
S/14 8.000 Ellua d.bay 2007 Al Maraam Ellanda Michałów Stud
S/25 7.500 Ewitacja chest. 2002 Ganges Ewunia Jan Głowacki
S/2 7.000 Herminja grey 2011 Esparto Herca Białka Stud
S/4 7.000 Celma chest. 2010 Esparto Celina Białka Stud
S/10 7.000 Cyrwila grey 2008 Eurykles Cyrolka Białka Stud
S/6 Piktawia chest. 2010 Ararat Papaya Janów Podlaski Stud
S/18 Entorja bay 2006 Gazal Al Shaqab Entuza Wojciech Parczewski
S/21 Gemellia grey 2005 Piber Georgia Falborek Arabians
S/24 withdrawn Dormeza grey 2003 Ekstern Dobrzyca Małgorzata & Józef Pietrzak
Arabian stallions – Summer Sale
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
lot price (€) name color foaled sire dam owner
S/30 16.000 Pegasus grey 2003 Gazal Al Shaqab Pepesza Janów Podlaski Stud
S/28 Etnodrons Psyche bay 2003 Padrons Psyche Etnografia Paweł Redestowicz
S/29 Equifor grey 2003 Gazal Al Shaqab Eqviria Janów Podlaski Stud
S/31 Gaspar grey 1998 Emigrant Gaskonia Michałów Stud


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