Help at hand for equine industry employers

groom-zoneA new online area to help equine industry employers has been launched by the British Grooms Association (BGA).

Described as a practical employment problem solver relevant to the equestrian industry, the Equine Employer’s Zone has been made possible through a grant from the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) and other donations. It addresses the everyday and more infrequent issues that every employer needs to deal with, from recruiting to discipline and termination, employment facts, sickness and employee relations.

Access to the Employer’s Zone costs £29.50 per year. Included in the zone is case studies, downloadable templates, legal facts, checklists, contracts, and more. There is also access to an employment helpline with HR on tap and regular newsletters including the latest updates on changes to the law.

Executive Director Lucy Kata said that as the BGA was a “social enterprise”, it realised that to help the grooms, it must also offer support and guidance to employers. “We have been contacted so many times by really conscientious employers who are keen to employ their staff in the best possible way; they know it makes good business sense. We realised that there was nowhere online for equine employers to turn to for help, so decided to tackle this issue ourselves.”

The Employers Zone has been endorsed by the BEF, with Chief Executive Andrew Finding describing it as “an excellent, well researched and practical tool for any equine employer”.

“As an industry we depend on our employees and our businesses reap the benefits if they are correctly managed. I am concerned about the evidence I have seen of substandard and illegal employment practices in our industry,” Finding said.

“Consequently, I am pleased that the BGA has undertaken this important work. I recommend the Employers Zone to all who employ staff and urge them to ensure that their employment practice is legal; the situation must improve, and rapidly.”

Showjumper Tim Stockdale has also offered his endorsement. “Having been an employer for many years I am thankful that at last there is an informative guide to employment relevant to the equestrian industry and its demands. The BGA’s Employers Zone is full of useful information and advice. I would urge all employers, no matter how experienced you are, to get access.”

The BGA has also recruited Tim Lord, proprietor of Berkshire Riding School, to its Board of Directors as the Employer’s Representative. 

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