Australian triumphs in Mongol Derby

eye-stockAustralian rider Sam Jones has won the sixth Mongol Derby in emphatic style.

The gut-busting 1000km race, in which competitors use a string of horses, has been run annually since 2009 by British firm The Adventurists.

Jones, 40, a mine worker, is only the second woman to win the race and the first Australian to do so.

She said afterwards that she loved every minute of the race.

“I feel I could do another 1000,” she said.

Jones said of the horses: ” The toughness of them is phenomenal.”

The race, which attracts around 30 riders each year, is billed as the longest and toughest horse race in the world. The course recreates Genghis Khan’s postal system, with riders changing their mounts every 40km.

Riders can stay with herders along the route or can camp under the stars.


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