Texas boy, 3, dies after being kicked in chest by a horse

A three-year-old boy has died after being kicked in the chest by a spooked horse, according to authorities in Texas.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said Colton Lee Clegg was flown to Herman Hospital, but was declared dead on Wednesday evening.

Sergeant Chris Ungles said horse feed was being unloaded from a truck in South Liberty County around 7.50pm on Wednesday by Colton’s father, Christopher Clegg, and 20-year-old Joseph Stevens, who was Colton’s uncle.

It was reported that Colton was holding the gate for his uncle when one of the horses knocked a feed bag out of Joseph Steven’s hands spilling the feed on the ground.

Colton started to pick up the feed when his father told him to get away from the horses and the spilled feed.

Colton threw his hands in the air, which appeared to spook one of the horses, which kicked Colton in the chest.

Mr Clegg began transporting his son to the hospital by car and was met by an ambulance. The boy received treatment before being transported to Herman Hospital in Houston by air ambulance, where he died shortly after arrival.

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