Aust brings in new hub for bio product exports

purple-cellAustralia has made changes to its systems for the export of animal biological material, including horse semen and embryos.

The country’s Department of Agriculture said the establishment of the new Melbourne-based Reproductive Material Hub on July 1 would make it easier for the export of material.

Manager for National Service Delivery for Animals, Michael Kerr, said the hub would streamline and simplify work processes for the assessment and clearance of animal reproductive material.

“Previously, there has been a region-by-region approach to animal service delivery,” Kerr said.

“Under the new hub, all Notices of Intention to export reproductive material will be processed by a team in Melbourne, where the majority of reproductive material clearance, processing and storage facilities are located.”

Kerr said the new hub also gave clients a single contact point for all inquiries and documentation services.

“This new facility will allow exporters of animal reproductive materials to get the information they need more quickly,” he said.

“The changes are more sympathetic to exporters’ needs, and will ensure that we keep Australia’s inspection and certification processes strong and consistent.”

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