Big Pat given back his eyesight

Big Pat was blind, but has now had sight restored in his right eye. Photos: Large Animal Protection Society
Big Pat was blind, but has now had sight restored in his right eye. Photos: Large Animal Protection Society

Draft horse Big Pat has discovered the world is full of people with Big Hearts.

And it is those kind-spirited folks who have helped partially restore the rescue horse’s eyesight.

Big Pat after surgery.
Big Pat after surgery.

Big Pat, who was almost certainly on the path toward slaughter before being taken in by a charity, has undergone an operation to remove a cataract in his right eye at the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center. His vision was beyond saving in his left eye.

Big Pat, a 14-year-old draft horse who is now under the care of the Large Animal Protection Society (LAPS), a Pennsylvania charity, spent much of his life as a work horse.

The charity says his body bears the scars of long hours in harness and very hard work.

He was given to the society when he was deemed unfit for sale at an auction due to his blindness.

The auction house has a rule prohibiting the sale of debilitated animals, so the charity was duly contacted and asked to take Big Pat.

LAPS says everyone who has come in contact with Big Pat is in awe of his sweet and trusting nature and his ability to compensate for his disability – even all the veterinarians, nurses, technicians at the New Bolton Center.

Big Pat has now undergone surgery to remove the cataract from his right eye under ophthalmologist Dr Mary Utter and her team.

Big Pat’s left eye had both a cataract and a detached retina and was not considered repairable.

Big Pat, who weighs 1680 pounds, now has a new outlook on life, and is expected to get on fine with vision in one eye.

However, the charity says the cost of Big Pat’s surgery is likely to run to $US10,000 and it has appealed to the public to help meet the cost.

Donations to help meet Big Pat’s costs can be made here.
Updates on his progress can be found on the Large Animal Protection Society’s Facebook page here
Large Animal Protection Society

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