One in 10 NZ horses involved in accident claims last year

Horse accidents have proven costly for New Zealand's accident insurer, ACC. © Mike Bain
Horse accidents have proven costly for New Zealand’s accident insurer, ACC. © Mike Bain

One in 10 of New Zealand’s estimated 80,000 horses were involved in an injury-causing accident claim by people in the last year, with each mishap costing the state-owned insurer an average of just over $806.

The toll is included in statistics released by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), the state-run agency which provides no-fault injury cover for New Zealanders and visitors to the country.

ACC said there were more than 40,000 ACC claims for incidents relating to 13 different types of animals in the year to June.

Horses topped the list in terms of the total dollar value of claims, at $6,591,250. The 8177 claims worked out at an average of $806.07 a claim.

The claims ranged from horses standing on someone’s foot to falls resulting in spinal or head injuries.

Dog claims were the most numerous – there were 18,551 of them – with the total bill of $5,947,499 working out at $320.60 each.

There were 4284 cattle claims for a total of $3,532,890, working out at $824.67 each.

The remaining claims were:

  • Sheep: 3246 ($2,207,959)
  • Cat: 5282 ($866,462)
  • Pig: 284 ($149,176)
  • Deer: 167 ($46,950)
  • Goat: 139 ($40,060)
  • Rabbit: 152 ($20,422)
  • Fish: 176 ($18,171)
  • Alpaca: 29 ($9916)
  • Mice: 98 ($4619)
  • Magpie: 4 ($141)

ACC processes about 1.7 million claims a year, spending about $2.6 billion.

Animals may prove costly for the corporation, but the most common claims actually relate to falls in the home.

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