IOC considers Olympic TV channel

IOC President Thomas Bach
IOC President Thomas Bach

An Olympic television channel is under consideration by the International Olympic Committee, following its meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Saturday.

The establishment of an Olympic TV channel was supported by participants at the weekend’s Olympic Summit. Such a concept had the potential to greatly increase the presence of sports and the promotion of the Olympic values year round and worldwide, delegates heard.

The Olympic Summit was convened by IOC President Thomas Bach at the IOC headquarters, bringing together the IOC vice-presidents and presidents of the major stakeholders of the Olympic Movement.

Also under discussion at the Summit was the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement, with delegates hearing updates on the proposals that have so far been generated on Olympic Agenda 2020, which addresses three major themes:  sustainability, credibility and youth. Discussions have taken place on a range of key issues including cost management of the Games, protecting the clean athletes, good governance and youth strategy.

The Summit supported a new strategy for the bidding procedure, which would give more flexibility to bid cities, with emphasis on the sustainability of the Olympic Games. Candidate Cities should focus on what legacies the Olympic Games can bring to the area and its citizens from the very beginning of the bid procedure, and in particular how the Games fit best into the social, environmental and long-term development plan of a host region. The need for Olympic Movement stakeholders to remain flexible and open to reasonable adaptation to this concept was also agreed.

Changes to the procedure for the composition of the Olympic programme was also discussed, with a more flexible approach attained by adopting an event-based rather than a sport-based approach to the composition of the programme.

Updates were also given on the subjects addressed at the previous Olympic Summits, and progress reports on three key issues were provided. These included the fight against doping; the sports calendar; autonomy and good governance; and the fight against match-fixing and related corruption.

A report was given on the additional fund of $US20 million set aside by the IOC in the fight to protect clean athletes, which is to be shared equally between the fight against doping and combating match-fixing and related corruption.

The IOC has introduced the IBIS monitoring system and put it at the service of the stakeholders of the Olympic Movement. An update was also given on cooperation with Interpol, including the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two organisations.

Further consultations on Olympic Agenda 2020 are scheduled for September, when the weekend’s contributions, along with the discussions of the Working Groups in June, will be presented to the IOC commissions. The refined proposals will then be discussed again at an Executive Board (EB) meeting in October, before being presented for discussion by the entire IOC membership and final approval at the Extraordinary IOC Session in Monaco, on 8 and 9 December 2014.

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