Spencer’s pipe predicament ends in successful rescue


Rescuers worked to free Spencer from beneath a pipe in a Fife paddock. Photo: Scottish SPCA
Rescuers work to free Spencer from beneath a pipe in a Fife paddock. Photos: Scottish SPCA

Firefighters were called after a horse named Spencer became wedged under a pipe in Scotland.

The incident happened last week in Fife, resulting in local firefighters and the Scottish SPCA being called.

Rescuers arrived at the field in Southend, Thornton, to find seven-year-old Spencer trapped beneath the pipe.

Spencer was successfully freed thanks to the efforts of animal rescue officer Ashley Griffin, the local fire and rescue service, and vet Hannah Duncan from Loch Leven Equine Practice.

Spencer after his rescue.
Spencer after his rescue.

“Poor Spencer had become spooked and ended up on his back with his legs trapped underneath the pipe,” Griffin explained.

“It was very important to free Spencer as quickly as we could and keep him as calm as possible throughout his frightening ordeal.

“The owner had initially tried to pull Spencer out with the assistance of a quad bike but this wasn’t working so we then had to use a tractor along with plenty of manpower.

“By 8.30pm Spencer had been brought to safety and, remarkably, he came away from the incident relatively unscathed, with only a few minor scrapes and cuts.

“It was a fantastic team effort and Spencer’s owner was extremely grateful to everyone involved in the rescue.”

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