Ben Maher and owners settle legal spat

Ben Maher and Tripple X III.
Ben Maher and Tripple X III. © Samantha Lamb

Legal proceedings between British showjumper Ben Maher and Michael and Emma Phillips of Quainton Stud have been settled.

The legal battle began when Quainton Stud sought to recover £700,000 in profits made on the sale of horses during their eight-year partnership with Maher, and they also sought the sale of Maher’s Olympic horse Tripple X, of whom they had bought a half share for £250,000 in 2009. Other horse sales involved included those of Wonderboy III, Awanti, and Tackeray.

Tripple X III was sold to Eric Lamaze’s Torrey Pines stables in Canada in April.

Maher’s counter-claim alleged that the Phillips’ owed him money for equine services, stud fees and sales commission accrued since 2005.

But the parties have now reached an agreement, with a statement from Quainton Stud LLP saying:

“Michael and Emma Phillips are satisfied that the financial settlement made to them is an acceptable amount that takes into account all the remaining areas of dispute and their legal expenses.

“The terms of the settlement are confidential but Ben Maher recognises that Michael and Emma Phillips together with Quainton Stud LLP (of whom they are the sole members) were loyal owners who were instrumental in helping to advance his career to the highest levels in show jumping and for that he will always be grateful.

Tackeray, pictured with Ben Maher.
Ben Maher, pictured with Tackeray.

“With the benefit of hindsight, he accepts that there were aspects of his working relationship with them that should have been dealt with in a different manner.

“Ben Maher wishes to apologise sincerely for any inconvenience, distress or embarrassment that may have been caused to Michael and Emma Phillips and is grateful to them for their willingness to allow the matter to be resolved.

“Ben Maher wishes Michael and Emma Phillips continued success in their show jumping breeding programme and their high level of involvement in show jumping as top owners and breeders.”

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