Once-famous racehorses remembered – for a cause

A new book celebrating once famous standardbreds whose time in the limelight has passed is part of a fundraising initiative for the Unwanted Horse Coalition’s Operation Gelding program.

A portion of proceeds from copies of Standardbred Old Friends sold through the coalition will go directly towards the gelding program. The book is a collaborative effort between Ellen Harvey and award-winning photographer Barbara D. Livingston, and is the third in a series of three.

standardbred-old-friendsWhile Livingston’s first two books, Old Friends and More Old Friends, revisit Thoroughbred racing legends in their retirement, Standardbred Old Friends focuses on the distinctly American breed, “descended from ancestors who trotted to church on Sunday and worked the fields on Monday.” Alongside Livingston’s stunning portraits of these retired champions are Ellen Harvey’s stories detailing the lives of these horses both on the track and after the winner’s circle.

Ellen Harvey is the Executive Director of Harness Racing Communications at the United States Trotting Association – a member organization of the UHC. She is an advocate of responsible horse ownership and says the stories in Standardbred Old Friends demonstrate just that.

“The horses portrayed in Standardbred Old Friends were at one time in their lives high profile or otherwise successful racehorses.  But now, in their 20s and 30s, they have little or nothing to offer in the way of creating revenue for their owners. Yet every one of them is cherished and cared for as if they were worth millions, their value no longer measured in dollars, but appreciated nonetheless. Their needs have been anticipated and accommodated as they grow older and less productive. The path of their lives is one that we wish for all horses,” Harvey said.

The UHC is offering Standardbred Old Friends for $30, plus shipping and handling. $10 of each sale will go directly toward funding the UHC’s Operation Gelding program. Books can be purchased through the UHC website.


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