80 tonnes of earth moved in British horse rescue

stock-eyeAn estimated 80 tonnes of earth was moved by a British farmer in a successful bid to rescue a horse named Sianey.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service were called out to the horse in Gillroyd Lane, Height, Linthwaite, after she  had fallen through a metre-square opening into a concrete underground reservoir.

Sianey ended up three metres underground, with no prospect of exiting the reservoir through the narrow top opening.

A local farm used heavy machinery to move 80 tonnes of earth, cutting a trench down to the side of the reservoir, allowing specialist firefighters to cut through the reinforced concrete side of the reservoir, reported to be 60cm thick.

Crew members used a hydraulic jack hammer to cut a one metre by two metre opening, allowing Sianey to quietly exit her underground prison and walk up the trench to freedom.

Sianey is reported by the fire service to be safe and well.

The Technical Rescue Unit from Cleckheaton attended, along with a fire truck and a specialist technical rescue officer.

Local media report that the top of the reservoir had been covered by planks, and it was thought Sianey probably slid backwards through the hole.

Sianey was thought to have been trapped for up to 24 hours. The rescue effort took seven hours.


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