Unidentified illness claims donkeys in western Sudan

A makeshift camp in Darfur, western Sudan. Photo: USAID
A makeshift camp in Darfur, western Sudan. Photo: USAID

An unidentified disease has been killing dozens of donkeys in western Sudan, it has been reported.

The disease in Nierteti, in central Darfur, appeared again last week, having killed donkeys earlier in the year.

Radio Dabanga reports on the deaths of 32 donkeys around Nierteti township, with 10 succumbing at Khor Ramla.

The station reports that veterinary authorities will be taking samples from affected donkeys for testing.

Donkeys that contract the illness lose their appetite and do not drink. They develop a cough, weakness, and lose weight. They start to shiver and then collapse.

A similar outbreak of what appeared to have been the same illness was reported in February in the Nierteti South Camp. A total of 146 animals were affected, with about a quarter dying within a week.

The loss of 15 donkeys in Djabal camp in eastern Chad was reported in January.

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