Jumble’s six-year wait is over: He has a loving new home

Jumble, left, and his new pal, Izzy. Photo: HorseWorld
Jumble, left, and his new pal, Izzy. Photo: HorseWorld

The severe deformities that Jumble has carried since birth gave him the roughest of starts, but that hasn’t stopped him finding love.

Jumble has been under the care of British charity HorseWorld since 2008 after being abandoned along with two other horses.

Jumble and his companions had been removed by bailiffs who were called by the owner of the land on which they were abandoned.

The other two horses found homes quickly but Jumble was left unwanted because of his deformities. He has spent the last six years enjoying life  in the care of HorseWorld.

He spent a few years meeting and greeting his many admirers at HorseWorld’s visitor centre, but moved to its welfare department after the closure of the visitor centre in February this year.

“We felt Jumble needed to find a home where he could receive lots of one-to-one attention,” HorseWorld’s training manager, Sarah Hollister, said.

“We have so many horses looking for homes, Jumble would often get overlooked because of his unusual shape but he really has a heart of gold.”

He was spotted by Lindsay Wilkins who fell in love with him straight away and decided to offer him a home, where he is keeping another horse, Izzy, company.

“He is just so lovely, such a gentle boy.” Wilkins said.

“He seems to have settled in very well and seems quite happy for Izzy to be the boss!

“We took him out for a walk up the track yesterday and he loved it, ears pricked and nostrils flared and he was off! Nothing seems to faze him.”

HorseWorld has other horses it is seeking to rehome. Visit www.horseworld.org.uk/rehome or call HorseWorld’s Welfare Department on 01275 832067.

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