Pepper feeling the love after time with bullying horses

Pepper has a bunch of new donkey pals at Redwings. Photo: Redwings
Pepper has a bunch of new donkey pals at Redwings. Photo: Redwings

No-one likes a bully, and Pepper the donkey is no exception.

Pepper has left behind a bullying environment among horses and is now settling in among her new donkey pals at the Caldecott Visitor Centre run by the British charity Redwings.

Pepper was signed over to the charity’s care, having been bullied when living with horses.

Her kind owner, realising the importance of donkey companions to Pepper, was concerned for her wellbeing and so asked Redwings for help.

Although they are both equines, donkeys and horses are very different – especially when it comes to keeping them happy.

Donkeys are companion animals who form strong emotional bonds among their own kind. They are also sensitive souls and easily stressed.

Redwings says 17-year-old Pepper has now settled into a small group of donkeys at its Caldecott centre near Great Yarmouth.

She is enjoying her time with Molly, Jemima and Ellie.

As her confidence grows, Pepper will be introduced to more donkeys, including the loveable Woolfie, and adoption stars Esther and Denise, but it will be a gentle process to ensure she is not overwhelmed by all her new donkey friends.

The Caldecott centre is open daily from 10am to 4pm with free admission, so members of the public are welcome to pop along to see her.

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