Horse riders stumble upon shallow grave in Texas

Sheriff Mark Donaldson
Sheriff Mark Donaldson

Horse riders in western Texas have stumbled upon the shallow grave of an unidentified person.

The body, found about half a mile from the nearest road, had been partially unearthed by animals, according to reports.

Deputies with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office are working to determine the sex of the individual, and how long they have been in the ground.

The body was found on Sunday around 10.30am in a pasture in West Odessa, west of 16th Street and Damascus Avenue.

Deputies are awaiting the outcome of a post mortem examination, which is to be carried out in nearby Tarrant County.

Sheriff Mark Donaldson said officers had no idea of the identity of the body at this stage, with no outstanding missing person reports on file from recent years.

The person, he noted, could have been brought from anywhere and buried in the pasture.

Officers have yet to confirm if foul play was involved in the death.

Anyone with information is asked to contact investigators on 432-335-3050.


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