Wired donkeys help Turkish herdsmen stay on the internet


The next time your smartphone drops off the internet, spare a thought for the frustrated herdsmen of Turkey.

They have taken to mounting hi-tech gear on donkeys in a bid to stay connected to the world wide web when out tending their animals.

Donkeys have been enlisted to carry solar panels, which feed into power storage devices. These can be used to charge the laptops and other gear needed to stay connected on the internet.

The BBC is reporting that the sheepherders’ mobile charging hotspots enable them to stay connected 24/7.

The technology does appear to have some shortcomings at this stage. When the donkey is on the move the panels require a human to steady them.

The power generated from the panels is not just handy to power hi-tech devices. The herders have also found the energy useful for running lights at night, which is especially helpful during the lambing season.


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