Brochure aims to help riders with saddle fitting

saddle-fitA brochure on saddle fitting and maintenance has been released by Animal Health Trust in collaboration with World Horse Welfare.

The Animal Health Trust, a research associate of the Saddle Research Trust, said the brochure aims to help those who are fitting a new saddle to their horse.

The brochure looks at saddle types, the seat, innovations in saddle design, signs of poor fit, assessing saddle fit, accessories, saddle slip, and maintenance and storage.

“Our research has highlighted some areas that should be carefully considered when fitting a new saddle, which will help to maintain and develop the horse’s topline and reduce the likelihood of back pain. It is also important to remember to maintain your saddle properly and to make sure it fits both yourself and your horse throughout the year.”

The brochure can be downloaded here.

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