New guide to minimise risks with horses

gate-warningSafe Work Australia has created a new guide to advise on minimising risks when working with horses for those new to the equine industry.

Safe Work Australia says that one worker is hospitalised each day in Australia due to a horse related injury. “For every worker injured another nine non-workers are injured, often at workplaces like riding schools, equestrian centres and trail riding businesses.”

It says the most common causes of horse related death or injury are falls from a horse or being bitten, struck or kicked by a horse.

The 25-page guide provides information for those conducting a business or undertaking on how to manage risks that may be faced by new or inexperienced workers when interacting with horses. It may also assist other people who interact with horses at a workplace, for example teachers, volunteers or visitors.

The guide can be downloaded from here. (PDF 6.9MB)



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