Fee for competitors proposed to fund anti-doping plan

eye-stockThe FEI is looking is expand its anti-doping testing and is considering a fee for competitors in a push to make funding of the programme more consistent around the globe.

The FEI Bureau, at its meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, this week, examined a proposed new financial model for delivering the Equine Anti Doping and Medication Control measures.

Anti-doping testing has consistently increased over the years, but a recent review found that the current methods of funding it needed to be examined.

Different financial models are being applied in the various parts of the world. They include funding through a percentage of the prize money at FEI events, individual competitor fees, direct payments by national federations, or funding provided by event organisers themselves.

The FEI is seeking to not only expand testing, but find ways to make it more sustainable and consistently applied across the world.

A financial model whereby a fee per competitor is applied is currently being considered. This is already the case in Regional Groups I and II and the objective is to extend this model to other groups in order to centralise resources and to fund the required human testing.

The main changes to the FEI Veterinary Regulations were presented to the bureau and were based on needs identified throughout the year. These include reporting of equine fatalities within seven days of any FEI event; provisions for the recently agreed concept of the “high health, high performance horse”; and expanded sanctions in relation to anti-doping and biosecurity.

After further discussion with national federations, these changes will be put to the vote of the FEI General Assembly in December. Once approved, they will come into effect on January 1.

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