Athlete representatives elected in five equestrians disciplines

stock-eyeAthlete representatives on their respective FEI technical committees have been elected in five disciplines in the first round of online voting.

They are Anna Paprocka Campanella, of Italy, in dressage; Bartolomiej Kwiatek, of Poland, in driving; Valerie Kanavy, of the United States, in endurance; Lukas Klouda, of the Czech Republic, in vaulting; and Gennaro Lendi, of Italy, in reining.

Elections in jumping, eventing, and para-equestrian will proceed to a second and final round, which will take place from June 16 to July 16.

The candidates for the final ballot are:

  • Jumping: Rodrigo Pessoa, of Brazil, and Geir Gulliksen, of Norway.
  • Eventing: Karen O’Connor, of the United States, and Daisy Berkeley, of Britain.
  • Para-Equestrian: Yonathan Dresler, of Israel, and Laurentia Tan, of Singapore.

Only 4 percent of athletes eligible to vote took part, with the FEI providing the following breakdown:

  • Jumping – 52 voted/2,399 eligible to vote
  • Dressage – 58/632
  • Eventing – 62/3,271
  • Driving – 45/461
  • Endurance – 169/3,337
  • Vaulting – 26/229
  • Para-Equestrian – 16/258
  • Reining – 3/268

The term in office of the athlete representative on the relevant technical committee will start at the same time as those of the other committee members – the Monday following the FEI General Assembly, which this year will be held in December.

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